Strong inter-religious and inter-ethnic relations prevailing in Sri Lanka, promoting healing, reconciliation and pluralism in line with the Recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC)

Specific objective

  • To develop new avenues (through youth &“DahamPasal”- Sunday School Teachers) to disseminate messages of peace and understanding to prevent discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities and provide new learning on the rich cultural and religious diversity of the different communities (LLRC Recommendation No. 9.272 – “Exposure to the rich cultural and religious diversity of the different communities”)

  • To utilize existing mechanisms (inter-religious forums/SHGs/CBOs/Vigilant Groups) to organize common activities to promote harmony in the community and rights based advocacy necessary for reconciliation (LLRC Recommendation No9.268 - “Provided with spiritual guidance in a religious background necessary for reconciliation”)

  • To promote awareness among government officials to enable the exercising of their administrative powers to ensure equal opportunities for all religious and ethnic communities to enjoy their religious and cultural rights.

Religious Leaders Exposure Visit Colombo to Batticaloa 10/11-09-2018


The Programme of Promoting a Common Vision for Tolerance and Harmony among all religions in Sri Lanka organized the Religious Leaders Exposure visit to Batticaloa on 10th and 11th September 2018. The programme is implementing in Negombo area with the support of all religions. The exposure visit was an one of the major event under Read more…