Our history


Social and Development activities in the Archdiocese was initiated by late Rev. Fr. Felix Perera. The office was based in the basement of Joseph Vaz Centre and activities was launched in very smaller scale.

His Lordship Most Rev. Dr. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Archbishop of Colombo (then priest) established Seth Sarana on 15th August 1986. He was the founder Director of the "Archdiocesan Centre for Justice, Peace and Human Development" under the patronage of Most Rev. Dr. Nicholas Marcus Fernando, then Archbishop of Colombo.

The Centre was given the title "Seth Sarana" by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith as the advice of Most Rev. Dr. Oswald Gomiz, then Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo.

His Lordships says “love for the liturgy and love for the poor” have been the compass of my life as priest. " Under this theme his lordship was the Director administrating its operations until 1991.

The Self Help Groups concept was introduced to the Archdiocese during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Basil Wickramasinghe as the Director. This was the most successful community development concept which is still in action.

Rev. Fr. Francis Jayakody took over Seth Sarana in 2001 and he has to take the challenge of the immediate response to the biggest disaster of Tsunami tragedy struck on 26th December 2004. Immediate Relief stage was managed well and significant changes happened to the office structure. One operative office and 4 sub offices were also established. Staff was increased in many in order to ensure the proper operation of the programme.

Rev. Fr. K.A. Jude Raj Fernando as the youngest Director of Seth Sarana decently managed the Tsunami Programme, the largest programme ever in Seth Sarana. For the easy reference to the funding partners the name was developed as "Seth Sarana Caritas Colombo". Many Housing Schemes were constructed and handed over during this period. Number of Funding partners were introduced to Seth Sarana Caritas Colombo during this period. Seth Sarana Model Farm and Training Centre at Madampe was established as the very first Training Centre of the organization and Secondly Providence Centre at Bandaragama was also developed as a Training Centre.

In 2012 Rev. Fr. Rohan de Alwis was appointed as the Director and immediately the office was shifted to Paul the VI Centre at Colombo Fort. Several community based projects were introduced and implemented during the period.

In 2017 present director Rev. Fr. D.N. Lawrence Ramanayake accept the challenge of Social and Development role of the Archdiocese of Colombo. The office also shifted to Jubilee Hall in the Archbishop's House premises.

Our directors


Time Period

Rev. Fr. Malcolm Ranjith (Present Archbishop of Colombo) - Director

1985 to 1991

Rev. Fr. Basil Wickremasinghe - Director

1991 to 2001

Rev. Fr. Francis Jayakody - Director

2001 to 2006

Rev Fr. K.A. Jude Raj Fernando - Director

2006 to 2012

Rev. Fr. Saman Maximus - Assistant Director

2006 to 2007

Rev. Fr. D.N. Lawrence Ramanayake - Assistant Director

2008 to 2012

Rev. Fr. Rohan De Alwis - Director

2012 to 2017

Rev. Fr. D.N. Lawrence Ramanayake - Director

2017 to date