Promoting Healing & Reconciliation for Sustainable Peace

Goals and outcome

The Project contributes to a peaceful Sri Lanka by promoting mutual respect and appreciation among village members of Sinhalese and Tamil

Specific objective

  • To mobilize and empower adults, youth including members of the National Youth Forum, members of human rights vigilant groups and other groups formed under Caritas programmes in existing Peace Villages as Village Peace Committees (VPCs) to function as Agents of Change in 40 peace villages.

  • To encourage the learning of language of the other ethnic community to be able to communicate with each other.

  • To continue advocacy at different levels to follow-up on the Recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and promote Peace and Reconciliation among the different ethnic and religious communities.

  • To increase the knowledge on democracy and good governance of the VPC members and facilitate the organizing of appropriate activities at village level.

  • To involve representatives of local government agencies and strengthen VPC links with them to enable the community members better access their services.

  • To create opportunities for war affected women in the North & East (widows, women-headed families, Women’s Rural Development Society (WRDS) members) to form linkages with Women in the South (Women’s Society members) to share grievances and healing of wounds.

Project Areas

  1. Niripola – in Hanwella Parish and Seethawaka DS Division
  2. Andiambalama – in Andiambalama Parish and Katana DS Division

project activities

  • Village Peace Committee Monthly Meetings
  • Assessment tests on Sinhala & Tamil Language Courses (written and Oral)
  • Street Dramas on Peace Building
  • Bill Boards with peace messages at the DC level
  • Additional language courses for the new VPC members
  • Sticker Campaign on salient LLRC Recommendations
  • DC level meetings with Local Politicians
  • Meetings with Local Government Officials
  • Inter – Diocesan Exposure Visits and Healing Services
  • Sunday School Children’s exchange visit

Exposure Visit – Palakkuli to Andiambalama 03/04/05-08-2018


Community of Palakkuli village visited Andiambalama recently as their exposure visit under the Peace and Reconciliation Programme. Parish Priest of the Andiambalama Parish and Chief monk of the Senasumgoda Temple gave a huge welcome to the visitors. A healing service, cultural event and discussions were also conducted in line with the exposure visit.

Exposure Visit – Andiambalama to Palakkuli 13/14/15-07-2018


Seth Sarana Family Day 2018-08-30


St. Benedict’s College, Kotahena wins the 2nd Place in the All Island Debate Competition


The All island Debate competition was held on 09th July 2018 at Aquinas University College, Borella. St. Benedict’s College Tamil Debate Team won the Second Place in the All Island Competition. The All island competition was organised by Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of them. The Team won the championship from Read more…